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Our company successfully passed the annual review of energy management system


Recently, the expert audit team of new century inspection and Certification Co., Ltd. visited our company to conduct an annual audit of our energy management system. With strict system and strict implementation, our company successfully passed the audit.

In this audit, according to iso50001:2018 and special technical requirements Rb / t119-2015, the audit team conducted interviews, data access, on-site audit and other means to our company from the aspects of organization system, personnel training, job responsibilities, performance and examination, equipment and measuring instrument calibration, material procurement, contract Through systematic review on customer satisfaction and other aspects, it is considered that our company's energy management system operates well, implements management improvement and technical transformation, establishes corresponding energy consumption indicators such as energy target indicators and performance parameters, formulates corresponding rectification measures for improvement, strives to achieve the goal of reducing consumption and increasing benefits, and has made outstanding achievements in energy conservation, It lays a foundation for the continuous improvement of the energy management system and ensures the realization of the goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction.

This audit is a full affirmation of our company's energy management work in the past year, and it is also another opportunity for the continuous improvement of our company's energy management. In our future work, our company will continue to adhere to the scientific outlook on development, enhance the energy-saving awareness of all employees, and continuously improve the management efficiency with the focus on energy conservation and consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency increase, cleaner production and the development of circular economy, Upgrade technological transformation, reduce resource and energy consumption, and finally achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, improve energy utilization efficiency, enhance enterprise competitiveness, promote enterprises to further achieve the development goals of energy conservation, cost reduction and efficiency increase, so as to lay a solid foundation for ensuring the safe and stable production of the company and building a well-known enterprise for research and development of non-standard equipment of special metal materials at home and abroad.