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The core reaction module of sintering flue gas desulfurization product resource utilization project contracted by our company started successfully once!


Recently, the core reaction module of the sintering flue gas desulfurization product resource utilization project of Baotou Steel Group Mining Research Institute, which is made by our company, has been successfully started up once. This project lasted for 9 months, which was jointly developed by our company and Mining Research Institute of Baotou Steel Group. It is the first 10,000-ton whisker project in China, and has made significant breakthroughs in basic theory and advanced technology. The successful research and development of this technology will promote the development of bulk solid waste treatment technology to better solve the common problems of resource utilization of sintering flue gas desulfurization products in iron and steel industry.

The project is based on the design concept of China's industry 4.0, in accordance with high standards, high requirements, high automation, intelligent requirements for design and construction. Its core reaction module includes 30 efficient reaction vessels, 24 storage vessels and 10 complete pipelines, all of which are designed, manufactured and installed by our company. The selected integral skid-mounted reaction module has the characteristics of small footprint, high reaction efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect. The efficient reaction and output of the reaction module ensure the long-term stable operation of the project.

During the project manufacturing, the Dongti team planned and organized carefully according to the requirements of standardized design and modular construction, creating favorable conditions for the orderly operation of the project. According to the requirements of the company's leaders to ensure the success of equipment start-up, the r&d, procurement and manufacturing personnel of the project team continuously work day and night in the front line, closely cooperate with the production, timely cleaning up the manufacturing tail items, to escort the equipment manufacturing.

It is reported that the project has an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of calcium sulfate whiskers, and can consume 66,700 tons of desulfurization products annually. Its product calcium sulfate whisker can significantly improve the performance of engineering plastics, rubber, asphalt and other related products, reduce the production cost, for the realization of sintering flue gas desulfurization products of large-scale utilization opened up a broad space. The success of the reaction module marks the improvement of our r & D capability. In the future, our company will increase cooperation with foreign countries, relying on science and technology to upgrade product value, accelerate the transformation of technology and scientific research achievements, help customers to increase production, reduce consumption, resource utilization, and spare no effort to contribute to the east Titanium strength!