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The anti epidemic production of Donfon industry is in progress


Recently, Shenyang has fully entered the epidemic wartime state. Our company has actively responded, made careful deployment, and strictly followed the relevant epidemic prevention requirements of the government and the company to ensure the solid implementation of epidemic prevention and fully ensure the stable operation of production.

Rapid response and positive response

Since the resurgence of the epidemic, our company has mastered the epidemic situation in real time and actively implemented various measures for epidemic prevention and control: strengthen the access management of foreign personnel, provide nucleic acid test reports within 72 hours, and register, scan and disinfect them; Establish disinfection channels for employees entering the plant, and strictly disinfect public areas such as offices, canteens, dormitories, corridors, toilets and door handles; Strengthen dining management, formulate dining rules during the epidemic, and fully ensure the safety and health of employees' working environment.


Moving at the sound of the order, it warms people's hearts

Many employees of our company live in Fushun. On January 2, the enterprise development department immediately reported to the company's senior management after learning that Shen staff are not allowed to travel between Shen and Fushun in the near future, and made preparations for employees' living in the factory according to the instructions. They bought three meals from dormitory arrangement, cleaning and new purchase of living goods, all of which were properly arranged to ensure the comfort of employees during their living in the factory.

Holding fingers into fists to ensure production

In the face of another outbreak of the epidemic, our company worked together to overcome the difficulties, showing the spirit of collectivism and enterprising and practical work. Fushun employees who live in the factory overcome difficulties and stick to their jobs; Employees in the closed community do their best to work at home and carry out all work in an orderly manner.


At present, the epidemic prevention and control has been normalized. Our company will make every effort to do a good job in epidemic prevention, accurately build a epidemic prevention safety line, make sufficient preparation, orderly action and strong implementation, and sincerely protect the physical and mental health of employees. At the same time, promote the orderly progress of production and highlight the responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise with the attitude of struggle.

Winter will pass and spring will come. We believe that Shenyang will win this epidemic resistance war!