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The reactor of Jieyang project of Siemens Energy Co., Ltd. was successfully delivered


Abstract: warmly congratulate siemens energy and PetroChina Guangdong petrochemical company for 1000m ³/ H. The main reactor of high salt sewage treatment project is delivered smoothly!

On June 7, the equipment delivery ceremony was held in workshop 2 of Shenyang Donfon Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. Siemens' wet oxidation technology and devices have a global market share of more than 90%. This technology is the most advanced process technology for the treatment of industrial wastewater, which can effectively remove refractory organics. Donfon Titanium Co., Ltd. undertook 1000m of Siemens for the first time ³/ H core reactor for high salt wastewater treatment shows the company's core competitiveness and lays a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two sides.


Carefully pursue high-quality products

The smooth delivery of the equipment benefits from the close cooperation of the company's technology, quality inspection, production and other departments. All departments optimize the design, improve the process, adjust the process and improve the efficiency in terms of product design, process and manufacturing in strict accordance with the production concept of "meticulous, lean and high-quality". At the same time, the quality inspection department carries out inspection and tracking to ensure the production quality of products and "escort" the smooth delivery of equipment.

Safety production helps improve quality and efficiency

The smooth delivery of equipment benefits from the joint efforts of front-line team members. In the process of project implementation, team members always have firm confidence and face difficulties; Adhere to the premise of quality and safety first, fully carry forward the work style of excellence, ensure production efficiency and progress, and ensure the smooth delivery of equipment.


Adhere to the original intention to achieve perfect performance

With the changes of the market, Donfon titanium industry continues to win orders for high-end equipment, which fully demonstrates the company's design and manufacturing strength. The company continues to focus on customers, constantly provide customers with high-quality products, intimate services and forge a more shining company brand. Donfon strives to carry out economic and technical cooperation with all walks of life at home and abroad with first-class technology, first-class quality and first-class service, and continue to write a beautiful chapter of high-quality development!