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Donfon industry shares experience and lean management!


Abstract: representatives of famous enterprises visited Donfon titanium industry and shared the road of lean management with our company.

On the afternoon of May 13, the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology organized more than 30 enterprises in Shenyang Machinery and equipment industry to carry out lean management benchmarking learning activities in the company. This activity is divided into four aspects: overview of the company's lean Road, visit to the equipment workshop, experience sharing and question exchange. By holding this event, Donfon industry showed the phased achievements of lean management and shared the "must win" of lean management to all enterprises. The event achieved the expected results and was a complete success.


Leadership lean theory

Talking about lean management, Tian Xiaojun, deputy general manager of Donfon titanium industry, said: "in 2017, general manager Liang organized middle and senior leaders of the company to go to northeast industry for three-day Daochang training, which was an enlightenment to the lean thinking of the management of Donfon titanium industry. Since 2018, the company has implemented lean management, and this year is the fourth phase. From the initial introduction of lean thinking, the development of project approval by all staff, the promotion of process separation, the establishment of abnormal response team, to the implementation of team construction and the system building of human resources, we have made great achievements in the implementation process and greatly improved the front-line production efficiency. At the same time, we also clearly realize that lean is essentially a change. At present, we still face many challenges. We need to change our inherent ideas from top to bottom, start from the small things around us, participate and improve all staff, and stick to it for a long time to achieve results.


Factory visit

Accompanied by Tian Xiaojun, deputy general manager, Guo Hairong, director of Technology Center, he Rongye, Minister of enterprise development department, and platinum Hao, Deputy Minister of project department, the visitors visited the production workshop. Minister he introduced the promotion of lean management in Donfon titanium industry in detail. Inspired by the station system and rhythmic assembly line production, the production system adhered to the idea of process separation, subdivided the main process of pressure vessel production, and established small parts team, riveter team, welding team, etc. Within the team, the blanking team divides the professional process of plate and pipe blanking. Through the division of processes, specialized production is not only conducive to ensuring the quality of products, but also conducive to ERP planning, dispatch, transfer tracking, work reporting and other management, which lays a foundation for the in-depth integration of the two. In addition, the process adjustment is realized for the splicing of foundation ring plate and the assembly of cone ring seam, and the professional distribution of standard gasket is realized, which also shortens the product delivery cycle. After returning to the conference room, minister he had an exchange with the visitors on full project approval, team construction, seven wastes and abnormal response, and discussed the difficulties and problems existing in the implementation of lean.




Summary and sharing

For lean management, President Liang has always advocated that all employees should really learn, understand, believe and use, arm their minds with lean ideas and apply them in practice. This year, the company implemented the lean human resources project, redesigned the organizational structure and salary performance, established a lean revenue and employee salary sharing mechanism, mobilized the enthusiasm of all employees, shared the development achievements and made common growth and progress. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all Donfon industry people, we will be able to successfully achieve the "three seven goals" in 2021 and the "five goals" in 2023!