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Warmly congratulate Shenyang Donfon titanium on the smooth shipment of the products of Argentina salt lake lithium extraction project



On July 27, 2020, the Argentina me salt lake lithium extraction project undertaken by our company was successfully shipped. Argentina salt lake lithium extraction project is a large-scale new project signed by our company and Argentina mining exploration company minera Exar S.A. in 2019. The project includes all facilities required to produce 40000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate per year, using brine extracted from cauchari and olaroz salt deposits, and is planned to be put into operation in 2020.


During the bidding process of the project, our company fully demonstrated the advantages of titanium equipment design, manufacturing and export capacity, and successfully won the design and manufacturing contract of all three-way evaporation system titanium non-standard equipment of the project. Salt lake lithium extraction project is a new development field involved by our company, which is of great significance for the development and growth of our company in this field in the future.


Since undertaking the project, the company has kept in mind the customer concept of "everything for customers, everything for customers and all customers". Leaders at all levels have made careful deployment, and all departments have coordinated and cooperated to formulate a scientific, reasonable, rigorous and feasible production plan, which has been detailed to each process and node. In the manufacturing process, the front-line employees operate in strict accordance with the process requirements, control each quality control point, work hard and strive for excellence, and finally the project is completed on schedule with quality assurance.


In the future, Donfon will continue to adhere to the enterprise service concept of "serving the market and the front line", comprehensively improve its competitiveness in entering the international market, and finally form the R & D, design, process ability, lean and efficient manufacturing ability to meet high-end customers, as well as the rigorous and realistic quality control ability, so as to contribute more to China's high-end manufacturing.