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Our company held the launch meeting of lean management phase III project


On July 15, 2020, our company held the launch meeting of lean management phase III project in electric classroom. The general manager, middle and senior leaders, lean promotion group and implementation group, and the consulting group of Jilin Dongrui Lean Management Consulting Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.

01 director he Rongye read out the notice


At the beginning of the meeting, he Rongye, director of lean management office, read out the appointment notice and corresponding responsibilities of three-level organization personnel of lean management phase III project, and determined the personnel deployment of lean management in the next step.

02 speech by consultant Zhang Shichao


Zhang Shichao, consultant of Dongrui company, expounded the significance of implementing lean management and explained the application of lean in production mode. At the same time, it is pointed out that our company needs to further enhance the ability to find and improve problems, further ensure the implementation of work objectives, and further improve production efficiency. All employees of Donfon titanium industry also need to change their work ideas and methods from thought to practice, combine lean with their own advantages, combine with practice, improve in an all-round way, and jointly promote the progress of the enterprise.

03 speech by deputy general manager Tian Xiaojun


Then, Tian Xiaojun, deputy general manager of the company, delivered a speech. He said that the lean road has a long way to go. From ideological cognition and concept change to implementation, the company needs to unify its thinking and step by step, so that the lean thought can finally take root and make lean management normal.

04 speech by general manager Liang Xianjun


Finally, Liang Xianjun, general manager of the company, delivered an important speech. President Liang stressed that lean management has become an inevitable choice for many excellent enterprises. If Donfon titanium industry wants to develop in the longer term, it also needs to continue to take the road of lean. All managers and front-line employees must adhere to the principle of continuous improvement, eliminating waste and creating value to understand lean, implement lean and implement lean. Only in this way can the enterprise walk in the front of the industry.

President Liang said that to do lean well, we should first solve the concept problem. Everyone should strengthen the cognition and understanding of lean management improvement, and then improve from top to bottom. We should not be spectators or participants, but leaders, so as to ensure our concentration, concentration and professionalism in our work posts, and realize the creation and implementation of meticulous culture, The implementation and implementation of lean management will finally realize the enterprise vision of manufacturing high-end products into the international market, and promote the enterprise to move steadily towards a higher-level field.