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Learn and carry forward the spirit of PTA project team - teamwork, be brave in dedication, and turn impossibility into possibility



On July 8, 2020, the first core equipment acetic acid recovery tower of Jiangsu hailun Petrochemical PTA project undertaken by our company was successfully shipped, which triggered a warm response in the industry. On July 24, the company organized more than 30 leading cadres above the section level to go to Huludao production base and held a summary meeting on this project. Before the meeting, we first visited the production base and production site, understood the production process of the project, and more clearly realized the difficulty of completing PTA project and its important impact on the development of the company.

01 speech by Minister Jia Xiangyi


At the beginning of the meeting, Jia Xiangyi, Minister of production department, introduced the work of the team in the past year. He said that the completion of the PTA project benefited from the efforts and efforts of all participants. The collectivist dedication of sharing the same fate with the enterprise and the team spirit of timely complementing each other and cooperating in capacity are important factors for the success of the project. Such experience will certainly play a positive role in the personal career of project team members.

The high support of leaders at all levels and the active cooperation of various departments also greatly boosted the morale of the project team and provided strong support for the smooth progress of the project. In the future, we will continue to carry forward the fighting spirit of daring to deny ourselves, daring to overcome ourselves and daring to devote ourselves, and work together for the Donfon industry to become a leader in the industry as soon as possible.

02 speech by chief engineer Zhang Hongjun


Subsequently, Zhang Hongjun, chief engineer of the company and head of PTA project team, made a concluding speech. President Zhang said that the four towers of the PTA project have the characteristics of high quality requirements, difficult manufacturing and heavy workload. For this, the project team has made a lot of preliminary preparations, hired industry experts to guide the consultants in the factory, and sent investigation teams to learn from experience for many times. Before commencement, the project team shall demonstrate the process technical scheme for many times to ensure that all technical indicators meet the requirements of customers. In the process of production and manufacturing, the leaders and employees of all departments work together to overcome difficulties. Everyone has the same goal and firm belief, and finally achieve satisfactory results.

President Zhang also said that after the completion of the project, all departments of the company should summarize the successful experience and problems of the project, so as to provide a reference template for the future project implementation of the company.

03 speech by general manager Liang Xianjun


Finally, Liang Xianjun, general manager of the company, delivered a speech.

President Liang said that the PTA project undertaken this time has a far-reaching impact on the development of our company and is of great significance. The successful completion of the project is the result of our company's adherence to the spirit of "turning the impossible into the possible". At the same time, adhering to the top-level design, actively consulting industry experts and absorbing the excellent experience of successful cases in the same industry are also important factors for the success of the project. The completion of this project also verifies the correctness and necessity of the company's implementation of flat management. The application of flat management in the process of project implementation greatly improves the efficiency of production, manufacturing and problem solving, ensures the smooth progress of front-line work and the project duration.

President Liang said that in the next work, we will review all links from the preliminary preparation to the completion of the shipment of the PTA project, list and summarize all the excellent experience and shortcomings, think carefully, and finally form a replicable and popularized implementation system, workflow and solutions, so as to help Donfon industry lay a good quality policy war, With a stronger development potential, we will advance to higher-level fields.