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Our company won the title of demonstration unit of integrity creation



Recently, our company was awarded the honorary title of "integrity creation demonstration enterprise". The selection of Shenyang integrity demonstration enterprises was held by Shenyang civilization office and Shenyang credit office. It aims to explore a benchmark enterprise that prospers business with integrity and achieves both social reputation and economic benefits. Our company was elected by virtue of its good integrity demonstration leading consciousness and brave integrity behavior.

Since its establishment, our company has been operating in good faith and law-abiding, operating in compliance and rationality, scrupulously abiding by corporate ethics and adhering to the spirit of contract. The social reputation and brand influence have increased year by year, realizing a win-win situation of economic benefits and social reputation.

Focusing on the two major customer demands of product quality and on-time delivery, our company has formed a corporate culture with "responsibility and trust" as the core, actively practice and effectively supervise, and implement the construction of integrity in the process of high-quality product manufacturing and professional and whole program services for customers.

In addition, the company also implements the construction of integrity in various management work, continuously strengthens learning and education, tamps the ideological foundation of integrity and self-discipline, all employees abide by professional ethics, implement the concept of integrity, establish an integrity system, and comprehensively create an enterprise atmosphere of integrity management. In terms of employment and education, our company employs people according to law, treats employees sincerely, establishes a fair and honest outlook on employment, forms a good situation of respecting talents and harmonious development, and cultivates an honest and trustworthy team.

A man cannot stand without faith, an industry cannot prosper without faith, and a country will decline without faith. This recognition marks that our company has reached a new level in the construction of credit system. As always, Donfon titanium will strengthen the construction of integrity, base itself on the market with integrity, seek development with integrity and win the future with integrity.