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Vitality East titanium wins step by step. Our company holds enterprise culture learning competition


On September 10, 2020, our company held a corporate culture content learning competition with the theme of "vitality East titanium, winning step by step". This activity seriously implemented the spirit of the company's corporate culture concept system and enhanced the company's employees' understanding of the content of corporate culture. Liang Xianjun, general manager of the company, participated in the activity as a representative of the jury group, which was presided over by Guo Hairong, director of the technology center.


01 show style and style

The teams participating in this activity come from all departments of the company. The competition content covers corporate culture, company memorabilia, lean production and other aspects. The competition form includes four links: Rush answer, must answer, risk question answering and audience interaction. During the competition, the contestants were well prepared, had a good understanding of the corporate culture, and their excellent performance attracted bursts of applause from the audience. The atmosphere at the scene was relaxed and warm.


02 unity of thought and action

During the activity, President Liang interpreted the essence of the concept of "people-oriented" advocated by the company, and stressed that the "people-oriented" of Donfon industry is not simply based on human nature, but based on "value creators", based on "contributors", people who agree with corporate culture, have a sense of responsibility, have a spirit of cooperation People who are good at learning and dare to innovate are the greatest wealth of the enterprise. The company should establish a matching incentive mechanism to better encourage employees to give full play to their potential, create value and become the people needed by the enterprise.


Guo Hairong, director of the technology center, gave a lecture on the company's "core values", saying that our company will be committed to creating a "simple, transparent, dynamic and enterprising" working environment, and finally achieve the purpose of "achievement sharing" between employees and enterprises through the working mode of "rigorous and realistic, continuous improvement and team cooperation"; Huang Qi, director of the enterprise management department, described the process in which Liu Haibin, Li Lingjie and Tong Xuelin of our company were rated as municipal and district model workers and Li Mingzhen was rated as municipal excellent craftsman, and called on everyone to learn from their working spirit of hard work, dedication and innovation; Meng Qinghai, head of the process department, explained in detail the participants' answers to the seven tasks of the lean team from the perspective of production and construction period; Li Lingjie, Minister of Technology Department, explained the order amount and output planned by our company in 2020, and expressed the hope that everyone would work together to achieve the goal; Zheng Yan, director of the procurement department, explained the procurement concept of "procurement is a profit center, not a cost center", and stressed that procurement personnel should abide by the procurement principles of integrity and business ethics; He Rongye, director of Lean Office, explained the "Five Principles" and "seven wastes" of lean thought and the purpose and significance of the company's vigorous implementation of lean management mode.

03 concentric cohesion can be expected in the future

After two hours of wonderful competition and careful publicity, the activity came to an end. Finally, the marketing center team won the first prize of the activity with its accurate understanding of corporate culture and rapid and agile response to questions. The enterprise management lean team and the financial R & D team won the second prize and the third prize respectively. Ding Hui and Tian Xiaojun, deputy general managers of the company, presented awards to the winning team.

The holding of this activity is not only a competition, but also a systematic popularization of corporate culture in the form of learning in fun. Taking this event as an opportunity, the company hopes that in the future work, leaders at all levels will use the corporate culture to lead, inspire and innovate the team, and be the propagandist and leader to carry forward the core values of the enterprise. The majority of employees should actively strive to be the practitioners and participants to spread the corporate concept, and work together to make the corporate culture a strong cultural support for the development of the company, Finally, our company's corporate vision of "being an industry brand benchmark in the field of non-ferrous metal high-end equipment manufacturing" will be realized.