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Integration of intelligence, cohesion and common development -- exchange activities of entrepreneur branch of Shenyang Alumni Association of Northeast University in Donfon industry


On October 27, 2020, some representatives of the entrepreneur branch of Shenyang Alumni Association of Northeast University gathered in Donfon titanium industry and held an exchange meeting to deeply discuss the financial contribution to the development of enterprises.


Before the meeting, Liang Xianjun, President of entrepreneur branch of Shenyang Alumni Association of Northeast University and chairman of Donfon industry, first extended a warm welcome to the alumni who came to the meeting.

President Liang said that 2020 is a special year. The global spread of the epidemic and the increasingly complex international political situation make the growth of our Chinese enterprises face a new competitive environment and unprecedented pressures and challenges. It is very important to seek new economic growth points and carry out enterprise model upgrading and format innovation. How to use the capital market to realize the benign interaction between the financial industry and the real economy is a problem that all alumni entrepreneurs need to seriously think about, and it is also a topic to be deeply discussed by Donfon industry in holding this exchange meeting.

President Liang said that the development of regional economy is the development of enterprises. Today, Donfon Titanium Co., Ltd. hosted this exchange meeting and invited industry leaders and industry leaders of the alumni association to gather together. It is hoped that through in-depth exchanges, it can prospectively interpret the development, changes and future trends of new economy, new enterprises and new finance, deeply analyze the latest trends in the industry, realize the high-quality economic development of Liaoning and Shenyang, and boost the steady progress of enterprises to a higher level.


At the meeting, Pang Yongmei, executive general manager of CITIC Securities, shared the latest financial information and introduced the A-share capital market and IPO; Huang Hongbin, founding partner of Shanghai Feijun investment management center, analyzed the investment direction based on his own work experience and judged the development potential of the industry; In the free exchange session, the two experts answered the questions raised by the alumni and put forward suggestions.

Subsequently, song Tieyu, President of Shenyang Alumni Association of Northeast University, made a concluding speech. He said that at present, our country still has great development space in the field of capital market. We should seize the opportunity, focus on the paths and measures of benign interaction between the financial industry and the real economy, explore industrial development opportunities and challenges from the perspective of capital, and strive for more long-term development.

The holding of this alumni entrepreneur exchange meeting deepened the cooperation between alumni and alumni enterprises, realized the information communication and ideological collision among alumni, enhanced the cohesion among alumni, and also played an important role in the integration of resources among alumni. President Liang hopes that alumni can keep close contact, share information, exchange experience and resources, talk about friendship, talk about life and seek common development, condense the great love, wisdom and strength of alumni in the new era and new development, remember the glory of the campus, continue to write the glory of life and make social contributions.