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Good news: our company was successfully selected into the second batch of specialized new small giant enterprises in China


Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the second batch of national specialized and new "little giant" enterprises, and our company was successfully selected.

The enterprises selected to specialize in special new "little giants" this time are the leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises. They are industry leaders focusing on market segmentation, strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering key core technologies and excellent quality and efficiency. Our company can be selected, which is the recognition of our company in social and economic benefits, degree of specialization, innovation ability, operation and management, etc.

Our company is a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan, which focuses on titanium, nickel, copper, aluminum, zirconium, tantalum, stainless steel and their alloys and corresponding composites, takes the design and manufacturing of water treatment energy-saving and environmental protection engineering as the leader, and integrates the development, design, manufacturing and installation of high-end equipment.

For more than 20 years since its establishment, guided by the enterprise spirit of "seeking truth from facts, whimsical and making impossible possible" put forward by Liang Xianjun, chairman of the company, the company has firmly moved forward steadily around the three major tasks of "quality, construction period and cost", and has become a well-known brand in the R & D and production industry of special metal materials and non-standard equipment at home and abroad.

In terms of technological R & D and innovation, the company has established a scientific and technological innovation system, increased R & D investment, introduced high-end talents, released new vitality of innovation and development, made remarkable progress in tackling key technical problems, and formed a technological R & D ability to meet the high-end needs of customers;

In terms of production and manufacturing, the company has established a scientific, standardized and standardized production management system, formulated the operation processes and specifications of each link in detail and continued to improve, improved the on-site management level and ability, and formed a lean and efficient production and manufacturing capacity;

In terms of customer service, the company adheres to the service concept of "everything for customers, everything for customers, and all customers", treats every customer with integrity as the fundamental, improves the professional level of marketing personnel, and forms a professional and whole program service ability that makes customers worry free, at ease, comfortable and at ease;

In terms of operation and management, the company has established a standardized modern enterprise system, introduced advanced management methods, formed a standardized management system integrating quality management, environmental management, occupational safety and health management and energy management, continuously deepened the refinement and standardization of operation and management, and formed the organizational ability and rigorous and realistic quality assurance ability to support the sustainable growth of the enterprise.

In the next step, the company will continue to focus on the market, focus on its main business, improve its development in operation and management, intelligent transformation, technological innovation and international market development, enhance its core competitiveness, make the enterprise specialized, refined, bigger and stronger, and make due contributions to China's economic development.