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Our company held the issuing ceremony and concept sharing meeting of corporate culture manual


On the morning of December 11, 2020, our company held the release ceremony and concept sharing meeting of corporate culture manual in the electric classroom of Building 1. Senior leaders of the company, middle-level cadres, backbone of various departments and team leaders attended the meeting. The meeting was organized by the technology center.


1、 Distribution manual

At the beginning of the meeting, Ding Hui, deputy general manager of the company, Tian Xiaojun, deputy general manager and Wang tie, deputy general manager, issued manuals to heads of departments.

2. Concept sharing

Jia Xiangyi, director of the project department, expounded his views on the company's brand concept of "being a non-ferrous metal high-end equipment manufacturing expert to meet the needs of customers". He said that as young people, if the company's brand effect can be enhanced through relay, it is not only a contribution to the company, but also a sublimation of personal ability;

Song Yang, manager of the marketing center, shared her understanding of the customer concept of "all for customers, all for customers and all for customers". She said that the implementation of the customer concept requires the cooperation of all departments, and this cooperation should be transformed from human management to system management;

Yu Qi, the leader of class 1-1, talked about his understanding of the production concept of "meticulous, lean and high-quality products", and believed that investing in each process with the spirit of enterprise ownership, doing well the seven tasks of lean and producing products satisfactory to customers is the best annotation for meticulous, lean and high-quality products;

Gao Cao of the quality inspection department shared the concept of the enterprise spirit of "seeking truth from facts, whimsical and making impossible possible". He said that "seeking truth from facts" requires us to be down-to-earth, "whimsical" requires us to break through innovation, so as to achieve the result of "turning the impossible into the possible". The big tree of Donfon industry can have developed roots, luxuriant branches and leaves and bear fruitful results.

Zheng Yan, director of the procurement department, shared her experience on the communication concept of "active communication, accurate expression, communication feedback and consensus first" on the cooperation with various departments in the procurement work. She said that the implementation of the communication concept can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce procurement costs, so as to promote the development of the company.

Li Lingjie, Minister of Technology Department, shared the quality concept. He said that for an enterprise, the personnel in each post are responsible for product quality from material procurement, process design to production and manufacturing, inspection and delivery. Quality problems are related to the life and death of the enterprise, and every employee can't slack off.

Chen Yumin, director of the third workshop, shared the service concept of "serving the market and the front line". He said that customer recognition is the foundation of the company's sustainable development, and each product represents the company's manufacturing level. As long as all departments of the company can provide solid support for the production line, the company will stand tall in the international high-end market.

He Rongye, director of Lean Office, shared the growth concept. He said that the company is in a critical period of climbing over the ridge and striving for first-class. All colleagues should dare to break the Convention, bear responsibility, explore and practice in their own business field, and become experts in the field. In this way, enterprises can become winners.

3、 President Ding's speech


Ding Hui, deputy general manager of the company, gave his views on corporate culture. President Ding said that corporate culture is not something profound and nihilistic. It is what you and I say and do, and it is every bit of our work. The construction and implementation of corporate culture can not only improve the corporate image, but also enable the majority of employees to find a sense of belonging and obtain a sense of honor in the enterprise. Therefore, we should fully understand the important role of corporate culture in the development of the company.

4、 Summary of general manager Liang


After the idea sharing, Liang Xianjun, chairman and general manager of the company, made a summary of the meeting. President Liang said that the times are changing and the environment is changing, so we have adjusted and modified the company's corporate culture.

Throughout China's nearly 100 years of history, it is the indomitable national spirit that has brought the Chinese people together, formed a strong combat effectiveness, and finally achieved national liberation and embarked on the road of rejuvenation. The same is true of enterprises. Corporate culture is to organize employees, unify their ideas, will and behavior, and form a strong cohesive force.

It is hoped that employees in all departments and positions can keep in mind their goals, abide by values, never forget their beliefs and standardize their behavior, so that the corporate culture can really take root in the enterprise, concentrate, strengthen the foundation and promote the long-term development of Donfon industry.