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Good news | the company won the title of grade a tax credit rating


Abstract: Shenyang Donfon Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. has won tax credit class A for seven consecutive years.

Recently, the company was rated as A-level tax credit enterprise in 2020 by the State Administration of Taxation and Liaoning provincial taxation bureau. This is also the seventh consecutive year that the company has won this honor, which indicates that the company's high self-discipline of governing the enterprise and paying taxes according to law has been widely recognized by the government and society.


The tax credit level is the level assessed by the tax authorities on the taxpayer's tax credit within a certain period according to the taxpayer's tax registration, tax declaration, tax payment, management of account books and vouchers, and whether there is any violation of laws and regulations. The tax credit rating is divided into five levels: A, B, m, C and D. Among them, class A is the highest tax credit rating that enterprise taxpayers can obtain, and it is also an important credit card of enterprises, which is conducive to saving tax costs, enjoying a number of tax incentive policies of tax authorities and improving the brand influence of enterprises.