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Strive for a new era • work to build a dream -- Cultural caravan art performance


Recently, the propaganda and cultural caravan of "striving for a new era · building dreams through labor" of Shenyang Federation of trade unions entered our company and brought a wonderful performance of condolences to more than 400 employees of our company.

Happy Quiz


The performance caravan was stationed in the workshop of the third workshop. Before the performance, Shenyang staff Traditional Culture Association carefully prepared a prize guessing activity. The staff were enthusiastic in guessing. Sometimes the gong sounded for winning the prize and sometimes the staff cheered.

excellent representation


The performance is about to begin. Nine municipal and district leaders, including Wang Yingkun, member of the Party Working Committee of Shenyang high tech Zone, secretary and chairman of the Party group of Shenyang high tech Zone and Hunnan District Federation of trade unions, Gao Ying, secretary and director of the Party committee of Shenyang trade union affairs and employee service center, took their seats one after another, accompanied by Ding Hui, chairman of the trade union of our company, and Wang tie, deputy general manager.


Platinum Hao, workshop director of the project Department of our company, participated in the hosting of the program. The performance covers different art forms such as song and dance, magic, opera and martial arts: dance is dynamic and full of youthful vitality; The drama is melodious and graceful, inheriting the quintessence and classics of thousands of years; Martial arts combines hardness and softness, which makes people's blood boil; Double acrobatics is exciting and amazing; Crosstalk popularizes the civil code to every employee in an interactive way and with relaxed and humorous language. The whole performance expressed the struggle feelings of workers in the new era and praised the craftsman spirit of the workers' brothers. Finally, the performance ended perfectly in a beautiful song.


The employees of our company said that the audio-visual feast reflected the concern and support of the municipal and district trade unions for our company. All the staff unions turned this concern and care into a strong driving force, gathered their efforts, promoted the Donfon industry to move towards a new journey, achieve a new leap, and bloom on the big stage of China and even the world.