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Shenyang and Hunnan District Federation of trade unions extend condolences to Donfon titanium industry


The scorching summer sun has gone away, and the struggle passion of Donfon industry is still burning. Whether it's the unbearable heat in dog days or the humid and muggy weather of autumn tigers, our front-line employees have always been based on their posts, adhered to their duties without any slack, demonstrated our company's work style of "concentration, concentration and professionalism", and interpreted the employees' ability and quality requirements of "dedication, professionalism and occupation".


In this summer, Shenyang Federation of trade unions and Hunnan District Federation of trade unions are concerned about enterprises. Wang Yingkun, chairman of the District Federation of trade unions, Chen Ying, a first-class researcher of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, and Fu Xiaoping, vice chairman of the District Federation of trade unions, successively led the trade union staff into our company to bring delicious juicy watermelon, cool ice black tea and other heatstroke prevention and cooling materials to the front-line employees, Bring a trace of coolness and care to the hearts of our employees.


Ding Hui, chairman of the trade union of our company, and Liu Haibin, the municipal model worker, expressed gratitude to the District Federation of trade unions for their condolences on behalf of the employees, and said that Donfon titanium industry will attach great importance to the safety and health of employees, reasonably arrange high-temperature operation time and take heatstroke prevention and cooling measures. Donfon industry will also have the courage to undertake corporate social responsibility, strengthen and expand the enterprise with more firm faith, more tenacious perseverance, realistic innovation and continuous breakthrough, so as to contribute to regional economic development and the great rejuvenation of the motherland.